Red dirt and electricity posts along a road

Way to Abu Simbel temple complex / De camino al complejo Abu Simbel

Sun rising in a clear day

Sun rises on the way there... so excited to see it! / Amanece de camino a Abu Simbel, mil ganas de verlo!

A lake with some trees to the left and arid soil to the right. Blue cloudless sky.

Lake Nasser / Lago Nasser

Four statues behind a glass in a semi darkened room

Deities at the innermost hall of the temple / Dioses en la zona más interna del templo

A temple with four large sculptures and some people looking at it

Temple of Ramesses II / Templo de Ramsés II

A temple with four large sculptures and some people looking at it

Closer look at the façade / Mirando la fachada de cerca

Two large sculptures of people sit down in a throne

Close-up of the right side statues / Vista de cerca de las estatuas

Black girl in front of a tourist sight called Temple of Ramses II in Abu Simbel archeological site.

If you cannot remove the people around, have them be part of the photo then! / Si no puedes estar sola en la foto, que la gente sea parte de ella pues!

Four large statues of people standing

A total of 8 large statues line the main hall, 4 at each side / En la sala principal hay 8 estatuas grandes, 4 a cada lado.

A column and a statue of a person on the back

They also represent the King Ramesses II. / También representan al Rey Ramsés II.

Four large statues of people lined up

Statues of the King Ramesses from a different perspective. / Estatuas del Rey Ramsés II desde una perspectiva diferente.

Images engraved in the rock of an ancient Egyptian king doing a offering to the gods

Image of the interior. Some depict King Ramesses II's offerings to the gods. / Imagen del interior. Algunas muestran al Rey Ramsés II haciendo ofrendas a los dioses.

An image engraved in the rock depicting an offering by a King to a god.

Image of the interior. / Imagen del interior.

Image of the interior. / Imagen del interior.

Five large statues of a King and a Queen engraved in the mountain with columns next to them that have hieroglyphics engraved as well

The temple to Hathor (a goddess) and  Queen Nefertari, King Ramesses II's wife / Templo a Hathor y a la Reina Nefertari, esposa del Rey Ramsés II.

 A large statue of a Queen engraved in the mountain

One of the inscriptions says something along the lines of: "Every time the sun rises, you'll remember I love you" (very romantic!)


Una de las inscripciones dice más o menos: "Cada vez que salga el sol recordarás que te quiero" (muy romantico!)

Two columns in a room that have drawings in it

Details of the columns. / Detalles de las columnas

An image of a King being saluted by gods in a wall of a temple

Image of the interior. / Imagen del interior.

A image depicting a King attacking a bad person in front of other people

Image of the interior. / Imagen del interior.

A hill with a temple engraved in the hill and a lake to the front of the image

Temple of Ramesses II from far / Templo de Ramsés II desde lejos

Green house surrounded by lots of water

Back to Aswan, waiting for the boat to transfer to the East side / De vuelta en Asuán, esperando al bote para ir a la orilla oriental.

Little building on the top of a massive hill

Tomb of the Nobles, at the West side in Aswan. / Tumba de los Nobles, en la orilla occidental de Asuán.

Two palm trees one of them is upside down in the forefront. Behind a ferry in the river

One of the ferries, crossing the Nile, view from the botanical garden. / Uno de los ferries que atraviesa el Nilo, visto desde el jardín botánico.

Houses at the river bed

Unusual houses / Unas casas curiosas

A village close to the river bed

Sunset down the Nubian village / Atardecer en la Ciudad Nubia.

Buildings on the top of a hill along the river bed

A curious mix of half finished and already inhabited flats in a building / Una combinación interesante de pisos sin acabar y otros ya habitados.

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